Tag: tired

A Note to the Others (and my Future Self)

You can do this. I can do this.

I Do Not Want It

Where do you go when you do not want to go anywhere?

Tired of the Feeling

I choke on my emotions. They are out of my control. Though I choose a tune of Jazz, I'm imbued by Rock and Roll. Why do I cry and feel this way while fine and in my prime? I am tired of this feeling, This emotion; boiled brine. If I could use my logic, To ...

Tired Words

I've written it over and over, In a thousand ways. Sometimes I wrote it creatively, And sometimes I wrote it, Like this, Blatantly. And I could write it a thousand more times, Whether or not it's iambic or rhymes, Another alternative, alliteration, With a clever false rhyme illusion, In Fragments half, Could I say that. ...

My Fucking Tantrum, Mine

Why couldn't you believe in me? Would it really have been that fuckin' hard? Why couldn't you just leave me be? Why did you even try so fuckin' hard? If you only meant to leave me? If you only meant to leave me?! This is all a bunch of bullshit! Fuck it! I don't even ...