Tag: thoughts

Jar of Pens

Literally just a poem about some pens.

Doing Nothing Wrong

I would rather be criticized than lied to.

Her Short-Lived Presence

Short-lived moments can also be the most long-lived.

Dystopian Departures

What does it mean to be a monster?

Repeated Lessons

The classroom of love, a difficult place, where the lessons are often repeated. The teacher will stand, you will be seated, unheeded and bleeding, seeking your A's. Over and over, this unending race, with results that will make you feel cheated. You will fail a few times, be defeated, but you shall pass it one ...

A Man I Once Called Dad

Carmen, A man I once called "Dad" Of all the emotions you've provoked, The complex words that could be spoke, Somehow it always falls back To sad. Or angry. When I think back and reminisce To the important times and moments The defining traits, events, opponents One thing that they all just seem to miss ...

Tired Words

I've written it over and over, In a thousand ways. Sometimes I wrote it creatively, And sometimes I wrote it, Like this, Blatantly. And I could write it a thousand more times, Whether or not it's iambic or rhymes, Another alternative, alliteration, With a clever false rhyme illusion, In Fragments half, Could I say that. ...

The Battle of Boy and Beast

The twisted, gnarled beast inside his head Towered over a frightened little boy. Its eyes set there upon its newest toy. Unarmed, it knew the boy would soon be dead. But first it would have fun and mock his dread, No sense to kill him without farming joy from the fight so as not be ...

Unwanted Company

Unwanted company; Like flies between my ears. Their unrelenting buzzing That no one ever hears. Unwanted company; Stuck inside my head. Pestering and mocking me Set to go until I'm dead. Unwanted company; Buried deep inside my brain. Cruel wanton punishment, Negativity and pain. Unwanted company; A smiting from above, Callous in its mission To ...