Tag: thoughts

The Back Room

Just a little bit longer.

Dark and Silent

A place to rest my head could do me some good.

Rodent Mind

There is no solace here. Just rats.

A Quick Visit

I wonder, I woe. A 'worker', a hoe. Carnal, asunder; Farming and plunder. I rest, she listens– Arrest us, forbidden! Some laughter, some lips, A transaction: a tip. So human, yet fake. So few men will take a second to hear her; just sex and a mirror.


Choke. Choke. Choke.

Momma’s Boy

You will never be beside me for a fraction of what my mother has been.


What seething hatred I feel when I see that thing show up.

Harwood Avenue

A place where the rich and poor stand nose-to-nose without seeing one another.

Violent Thirst

What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"