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Dearest Brooke;

May this letter find you well.

History Ablaze

Did you remember to thank your Capitalist overlords today?

Dead Reverie

I awoke around midnight, (though I thought I did dream), to the vision of nothing but darkness extreme; as my eyes adjusted to survey the scene, I did see a hallway I greatly esteemed. I thought it a reverie, and as such acted brave, but the dark and dense air made my footsteps enslaved! What ...

[Dominic’s Mastiff] Chapter Six

Chapter Six The carriage ride back to Hoffgorod was quick and uninterrupted, but the pain in my wrist made the passage of time feel slow. Without the stresses of the jail to distract me, I became aware of quite how swollen and pained my arm and wrist had become. The Alaxian plains which were once ...

[Dominic’s Mastiff] Chapter Five

Chapter Five I was placed into the back of a horse-drawn carriage. A Nakovan guard sat on either side of me, each wielding daggers that pointed menacingly in my direction. They said not a single word, and in less than an hour we had arrived at the jail. The jail was, unsurprisingly, a dank and […]

[Dominic’s Mastiff] Chapter Four

Chapter Four The sun had begun to take its leave by the time that I reached Martelli's manor. I was now in the company of a clear, starry night and the incessant chirping of crickets. As I approached the door, I lagged for a moment to enjoy the beauty of Hoffgorod's skies. Ijatia, though beautiful, ...

[Dominic’s Mastiff] Chapter Three

Chapter Three We sat in silence, watching as the sun slowly began to peek over the horizon. There was a frosty chill lingering from the night, but the caress of the early morning rays began to warm our skin. The inaugural hunt was about to commence. Our first target was a man named Otar Bengal. ...