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When you see life as a competition, you run the risk of losing.

The Opinions of Pissants

Some people are, in fact, beneath you.

Breathing and Blooming

Breathing and blooming; Cutting and grooming, Pushing and pulling, Thinking and mulling. And simply killing time. Blooming and breathing; Laughing and seething, Debating and thinking, Eating and drinking. And slowly feeling fine. I have been breathing and blooming, I have smiled, no longer assuming That my world is over and done, That no more is ...

A Hibernation of the Heart

With snow on the horizon, The green upon the trees will dwindle. Tragic winter as its symbol, The heart goes still and quiet. The summer took its toll, And though the sun was warm and kind, The heart must keep in mind The deep, impending cold. The glucose of the shrubbery, That once was gnawed ...