Tag: scary

Dearest Brooke;

May this letter find you well.

Burn, Baby.

Shes got a leather jacket, And it's done up nice. Yeah, sunglasses, cigarettes, Sin and vice. Vodka tonic? Yeah, she's on it; Light on ice. Her blood freezes when she pleases, And she's ready to fight. Burn, baby. Burn, baby, Yeah, its your turn, baby. Her, baby. Her, baby, Just don't be scared, baby. Burn, ...

Dead Reverie

I awoke around midnight, (though I thought I did dream), to the vision of nothing but darkness extreme; as my eyes adjusted to survey the scene, I did see a hallway I greatly esteemed. I thought it a reverie, and as such acted brave, but the dark and dense air made my footsteps enslaved! What ...