Tag: sadness

Emo Never Dies

Can't fight it. Never could.

A Quick Visit

I wonder, I woe. A 'worker', a hoe. Carnal, asunder; Farming and plunder. I rest, she listens– Arrest us, forbidden! Some laughter, some lips, A transaction: a tip. So human, yet fake. So few men will take a second to hear her; just sex and a mirror.

Words of Spite

The spite, it comes and goes.

Working on It.

Just keep swimming, right?

Little Things, Giant Things

Size is subjective, so is pain.

Mine Alone

Be very careful with what you entrust to others.

Fleshy Machines

I have seen this error, A glitch within the code; A common system failure When an asset fails to load. This particular error is tricky, Cause the system is made like this. When the heartstrings get all sticky, It can take time to refresh. Don't worry, have some patience. You have to wait this out. ...

Could You Write Me a Song?

Write me a song, Just promise it's not about love. Yeah, write me a song About sadness or madness, Or drunken what-have-its Or drugs. Recall all the sad things; The inane little ramblings Of poems and songs You would write all day long And the tears. Oh, just eight months ago, When your life was ...

The Battle of Boy and Beast

The twisted, gnarled beast inside his head Towered over a frightened little boy. Its eyes set there upon its newest toy. Unarmed, it knew the boy would soon be dead. But first it would have fun and mock his dread, No sense to kill him without farming joy from the fight so as not be ...