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Emo Never Dies

Can't fight it. Never could.


This one is about you, at least.

What it Means to Wait

Time is fleeting.

If I Could

We do not get to choose who we love.

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen hours: The amount of time it takes To travel from "I love you" To "I have to walk away." Thirteen hours: That number fills my head. What was full of life at noon Was gone, then. It was dead. Thirteen hours: Consistent with my fears. That's how long it takes one's love to simply ...

The Old Winchester Line

I have driven the old Winchester Line. A road that you are lucky to avoid, the road wherein my heart had been destroyed. I keep driving the old Winchester Line. Each day, I drive the old Winchester Line. With each trip I have slipped into the void, to feel angry, or distressed, or annoyed. Always ...

A Man I Once Called Dad

Carmen, A man I once called "Dad" Of all the emotions you've provoked, The complex words that could be spoke, Somehow it always falls back To sad. Or angry. When I think back and reminisce To the important times and moments The defining traits, events, opponents One thing that they all just seem to miss ...