Tag: old

My Dusk

I would rather be forgotten than mourned.

Poisoned Rings

The heart and the wallet: we are strangely eager to unite them.

Brilliant and Beautiful

I knew her, once-- Amanda. She was brilliant, and beautiful. I loved her, once-- Amanda. She was blighted, and broken. I forget her, now-- Amanda. She is benign, and blurry.

A Man I Once Called Dad

Carmen, A man I once called "Dad" Of all the emotions you've provoked, The complex words that could be spoke, Somehow it always falls back To sad. Or angry. When I think back and reminisce To the important times and moments The defining traits, events, opponents One thing that they all just seem to miss ...

Tired Words

I've written it over and over, In a thousand ways. Sometimes I wrote it creatively, And sometimes I wrote it, Like this, Blatantly. And I could write it a thousand more times, Whether or not it's iambic or rhymes, Another alternative, alliteration, With a clever false rhyme illusion, In Fragments half, Could I say that. ...

Time and Scale

When I was a child, Things around me felt so big. I recall I saw an airplane, A huge, colossal thing! But then as an adult, When I returned to YYZ, That plane seemed so much smaller But what changed in size was me. And yet with giants all around, Looming over me and great, ...