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Such a little thing, from oh so long ago; How can you still be hung up on this?


I couldn't pay you to stay.


This one is about you, at least.

I Deserve Better

Not everything that I want is the top of its class.


Loving you wasn't something I did; it was something that happened to me.

Her Short-Lived Presence

Short-lived moments can also be the most long-lived.

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish. I wish: I wish so much. I wish I did not feel this way. I wish I had her touch. I wish I was not stuck on the ending, in the past. I wish that I could take it back. I wish that it would last. I wish that ...

Could You Write Me a Song?

Write me a song, Just promise it's not about love. Yeah, write me a song About sadness or madness, Or drunken what-have-its Or drugs. Recall all the sad things; The inane little ramblings Of poems and songs You would write all day long And the tears. Oh, just eight months ago, When your life was ...

A Pavlovian Sickness

Filtering light, Growing bright, Absolves the day of night. A man awakens from his slumber. The man, he suffers a hunger: An insatiable sanity pang. But dreams he can't escape Dictate and say his fate. "Saturday again." The callous calendar spoke. Were it not for malevolent numbers, You could think it was telling a joke. ...