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What seething hatred I feel when I see that thing show up.

Enough of Love

You can stand at the door and wait, but I'd bring a coat.


Dasvidania (Rap Song)

A quick rap about George, the Legend himself.


King Tut (Rap)

A spoken-word piece about itself! This one's experimental.

The Girl with the Green Hat

'Never will I ever Allow myself to be So dimwitted and unclever As to love someone but me!' This I did repeat, Each and every time I've hurt. Relieving words to speak, But daft to think; absurd. Going through my new routine, Buried in my bitter woes, I recall this face that I had seen, ...

Burn, Baby.

Shes got a leather jacket, And it's done up nice. Yeah, sunglasses, cigarettes, Sin and vice. Vodka tonic? Yeah, she's on it; Light on ice. Her blood freezes when she pleases, And she's ready to fight. Burn, baby. Burn, baby, Yeah, its your turn, baby. Her, baby. Her, baby, Just don't be scared, baby. Burn, ...

My Fucking Tantrum, Mine

Why couldn't you believe in me? Would it really have been that fuckin' hard? Why couldn't you just leave me be? Why did you even try so fuckin' hard? If you only meant to leave me? If you only meant to leave me?! This is all a bunch of bullshit! Fuck it! I don't even ...


Mesmerized, It's like prom again and I Don't want to let this feeling die. Am I insane? 'cause I retain that I Think 'you and I' is right. Passing time; With every word I find You are my kind of perfect. Electrified, This tingle in my spine, With you nearby, I'm addicted but you're worth ...