Tag: love

The Back Room

Just a little bit longer.


Such a little thing, from oh so long ago; How can you still be hung up on this?


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

Fermented Love

Whether alcohol or kind souls, she cannot help but to abuse.

The Cactus

The cactus seems the ideal lover; It asks so little, bears a lot. Adorable with colours, ripe with fruit though dry and hot. The cactus says to love it making promises divine, but those who choose to hug it get a face full of its spines. The cactus is not evil, this is merely what ...

A Quick Visit

I wonder, I woe. A 'worker', a hoe. Carnal, asunder; Farming and plunder. I rest, she listens– Arrest us, forbidden! Some laughter, some lips, A transaction: a tip. So human, yet fake. So few men will take a second to hear her; just sex and a mirror.

Momma’s Boy

You will never be beside me for a fraction of what my mother has been.

I Deserve Better

Not everything that I want is the top of its class.

Lament, Cemented

Blood flows with the consistency of gravel.