Tag: loss


I couldn't pay you to stay.

Hope and Excitement

You cannot lose that which you've never convinced yourself that you have.


A poem about a dead man that I hardly knew.

The Vulture

The birds that are circling overhead have grown suspect.

Brilliant and Beautiful

I knew her, once-- Amanda. She was brilliant, and beautiful. I loved her, once-- Amanda. She was blighted, and broken. I forget her, now-- Amanda. She is benign, and blurry.

As Many Did

It was another bloody night. Again we went, Sent off to fight. Some died, some survived. We never understood Who or why. I fought a man, as many did. He shot at me, I cornered him. He put his weapon on the ground, Put up his hands, Spoke clear and loud. "I'm just a man, ...

A Pavlovian Sickness

Filtering light, Growing bright, Absolves the day of night. A man awakens from his slumber. The man, he suffers a hunger: An insatiable sanity pang. But dreams he can't escape Dictate and say his fate. "Saturday again." The callous calendar spoke. Were it not for malevolent numbers, You could think it was telling a joke. ...