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No Excuses

There are people out there who actually suffer.

History Ablaze

Did you remember to thank your Capitalist overlords today?

Tired Words

I've written it over and over, In a thousand ways. Sometimes I wrote it creatively, And sometimes I wrote it, Like this, Blatantly. And I could write it a thousand more times, Whether or not it's iambic or rhymes, Another alternative, alliteration, With a clever false rhyme illusion, In Fragments half, Could I say that. ...


Textbooks tell of times, Tales told in the twilight Of tragedy sublime. Dictators, awful men of trauma, Their tribes of terror tell us To be taught by trailing drama. To put it in perspective, This setting, cold, that we inherit, We teach lessons not so festive Borne of guns and bombs and merit. Terrifying times, ...