Tag: heartbreak


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

The Cactus

The cactus seems the ideal lover; It asks so little, bears a lot. Adorable with colours, ripe with fruit though dry and hot. The cactus says to love it making promises divine, but those who choose to hug it get a face full of its spines. The cactus is not evil, this is merely what ...

Enough of Love

You can stand at the door and wait, but I'd bring a coat.


Loving you wasn't something I did; it was something that happened to me.


adjective not subject to any conditions. "unconditional surrender"

Doing Nothing Wrong

I would rather be criticized than lied to.

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen hours: The amount of time it takes To travel from "I love you" To "I have to walk away." Thirteen hours: That number fills my head. What was full of life at noon Was gone, then. It was dead. Thirteen hours: Consistent with my fears. That's how long it takes one's love to simply ...