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What it Means to Wait

Time is fleeting.

Make it to March

Better days lay ahead. Probably.

Repeated Lessons

The classroom of love, a difficult place, where the lessons are often repeated. The teacher will stand, you will be seated, unheeded and bleeding, seeking your A's. Over and over, this unending race, with results that will make you feel cheated. You will fail a few times, be defeated, but you shall pass it one ...

A Hibernation of the Heart

With snow on the horizon, The green upon the trees will dwindle. Tragic winter as its symbol, The heart goes still and quiet. The summer took its toll, And though the sun was warm and kind, The heart must keep in mind The deep, impending cold. The glucose of the shrubbery, That once was gnawed ...

Once I’ve Gone Away

The problem with the best things we possess Is that they are so sure to rot and die. Although we may not want to say goodbye, It is a fact to which we acquiesce. The good times that we use to decompress Have limits with which we must just comply. They are so limited in ...