Tag: frustration

A Hilarious Disease

You cannot talk about your bowel disease here. It's impolite.

What it Means to Wait

Time is fleeting.

I Do Not Want It

Where do you go when you do not want to go anywhere?

Little Things, Giant Things

Size is subjective, so is pain.

Master of Their Fate

Buried in his misery, as buried in his hood, he sat inside his vehicle, watching those two stood. He never looked directly, Just reflections on the hood. He could not be an audience of those who have it good. He lit another cigarette And brought it to his face; he twisted in a scowl at ...

Behind the Yellow Line

Please take a number. This will take some time. Remain and do not wander. Wait behind the yellow line. The process is important. Comply or face a fine. Be patient, stay, and hope and Wait behind the yellow line. Listen closely for the ding. Look for your number on the sign. Of course, more than anything: ...

Breathe No More

With what words could I hope to possibly define The dizzying array of thoughts and hope I get And the queasy vomit that your eyes do beget? Oh what sweet and piteous woe to call you mine. What awful noxious fumes arise from words refined. Stopping Earth upon its axis to not end yet The ...