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Brilliant and Beautiful

I knew her, once-- Amanda. She was brilliant, and beautiful. I loved her, once-- Amanda. She was blighted, and broken. I forget her, now-- Amanda. She is benign, and blurry.

A Man I Once Called Dad

Carmen, A man I once called "Dad" Of all the emotions you've provoked, The complex words that could be spoke, Somehow it always falls back To sad. Or angry. When I think back and reminisce To the important times and moments The defining traits, events, opponents One thing that they all just seem to miss ...

Scarborough Nights

When I lay in bed at night And at last can rest my eyes, I still can hear the humming, Of the TV Lounge’s lights. I still can feel the leather, And the pleasant scent of fries. And as I drift away, I still recall the Scarborough Nights. What a silly room it was, But ...