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King Tut (Rap)

A spoken-word piece about itself! This one's experimental.

Dead Reverie

I awoke around midnight, (though I thought I did dream), to the vision of nothing but darkness extreme; as my eyes adjusted to survey the scene, I did see a hallway I greatly esteemed. I thought it a reverie, and as such acted brave, but the dark and dense air made my footsteps enslaved! What ...

In the Garden of Noshos

Nostrae Hospitium, or Noshos, is the fourth planet from the star Wanderer and is most notable for its native population of intelligent life, the Sapient Novae (commonly referred to as the mantis). The first sighting of Noshos was noted by the spacecraft Arial, dispatched for the Foreman Program in 2055. Though the Foreman Program was ...

Time Tables

This story is more of a writing project. I took a song I really enjoy, Time Tables, by The Menzingers, and expended it into a short story.  Enjoy! I took some liberties. I moved the setting from Pennsylvania to Maine and decked out some characters with some new details. It had been more than an ...