Tag: emotional

Visual Poetry (January 2018)

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Dystopian Departures

What does it mean to be a monster?

The Opinions of Pissants

Some people are, in fact, beneath you.

How Small the World Becomes

The Earth, in a permanent cycle Of darkness and light, of rain, Of dryness and sunlight and wind, Of life, of joy and of pain, Is so inconceivably small And all so unworthy of seeing Any time that I look in her eyes, As she consumes my whole state of being. It is not that ...

That Moment

If I had to pick a moment, From the close or distant past, To stretch out for a thousand years And make forever last, I know the one that I would choose To eternally indulge. As a moment, it was seconds long, And yet those seconds are my all. I could hardly think a thought, ...


Mesmerized, It's like prom again and I Don't want to let this feeling die. Am I insane? 'cause I retain that I Think 'you and I' is right. Passing time; With every word I find You are my kind of perfect. Electrified, This tingle in my spine, With you nearby, I'm addicted but you're worth ...