Tag: emotion


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

I Deserve Better

Not everything that I want is the top of its class.

Violent Thirst

What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

Love on Offer

No commitment necessary.

The Girl with the Green Hat

'Never will I ever Allow myself to be So dimwitted and unclever As to love someone but me!' This I did repeat, Each and every time I've hurt. Relieving words to speak, But daft to think; absurd. Going through my new routine, Buried in my bitter woes, I recall this face that I had seen, ...

Breathe No More

With what words could I hope to possibly define The dizzying array of thoughts and hope I get And the queasy vomit that your eyes do beget? Oh what sweet and piteous woe to call you mine. What awful noxious fumes arise from words refined. Stopping Earth upon its axis to not end yet The ...

Take it Slow

This feeling, as I tell it In a song or as I yell it, Does it matter If I clatter, Or if I should fall in love? I want the latter. If I can't do any better, Put my thoughts into some letters, Write a poem or a song. "LA LA LA" String along, string ...

Figurative Monsters

Please stand back and give me air, I swear that it was just right there. Dark and dreary colors wear, I stare at that which is not fair. I'll take a moment to remember: forces gash and then dismember. Visions of hot coal and ember, though it was frigid, late December: They tried to instill ...