Tag: death

The Body

I have come to know much about pain. I was eager to share the knowledge.


A poem about a dead man that I hardly knew.

My Dusk

I would rather be forgotten than mourned.

The Vulture

The birds that are circling overhead have grown suspect.

Winter Once More

Tell me now, my friend, Do you feel the cold again As the wintertime comes nearer to your home? And tell me, if you do, How you plan to see it through. Will you hunker down or choose a Southern roam? The problem with the winter, As it nips and as it hinders, Is that ...

The Jester’s Weather

Tell me, have you ever put some thought into the weather, What's between you and far away? Have you ever seen the masses, And imagined all the caskets, As they're buried in the pouring rain? To me these things are vivid, My blood boils and I'm livid At the thought that there is something else ...

The Blue and the Red

The battle lay into the night As the bricks of the city stood by. Coldly and lonely they watched as the bottles and blood ran dry. The streets are a light show tonight. It's a beautiful night to die. The red and the blue, replacing the sun, preparing the men for a fight. The monsters ...