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Dark and Silent

A place to rest my head could do me some good.

A Note to the Others (and my Future Self)

You can do this. I can do this.

A Pavlovian Sickness

Filtering light, Growing bright, Absolves the day of night. A man awakens from his slumber. The man, he suffers a hunger: An insatiable sanity pang. But dreams he can't escape Dictate and say his fate. "Saturday again." The callous calendar spoke. Were it not for malevolent numbers, You could think it was telling a joke. ...

Ashes in the Air

A matchbox that rests on a desk Is missing its old better half: A canteen with a deep shade of red In a safe house reeking of gas. In the darkness so eerie and stark, All alone in a quaint isolation, The night called for fires to start. The rebels made haste to the station. ...

The Voices

They come to us at dusk, Just as surely as the moon, Ready to dismantle us With sickly twists of truth. "What a weak, pathetic thing you are, A sad and meager joke. Do you know that they are laughing As you struggle and you choke? How long 'til they abandon you, and tire of ...