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Choke. Choke. Choke.

Shut the Fuck Up

I am so sick of your face and the constant noise that spews from it.

Mine Alone

Be very careful with what you entrust to others.

A Man of Mighty Rage

Seldom are the times wherein I have been described, talked about, or introduced, or ever been defined as a man of mighty rage; a man who may parade about and cast a doubt on whether he is sane. Yet I have come to find, in these recent days of mine, I tread about with red ...

Tired of the Feeling

I choke on my emotions. They are out of my control. Though I choose a tune of Jazz, I'm imbued by Rock and Roll. Why do I cry and feel this way while fine and in my prime? I am tired of this feeling, This emotion; boiled brine. If I could use my logic, To ...


I have reflected, I have thought, About offenses you have wrought and the awful mess of feelings left behind. As I sat up, woken wide, with my thoughts throughout night, An anger woke within my inner light. Altruistic, kind and giving; Though I'm not so unforgiving, For all of this I'm un-forgiving you. You said ...

The Opinions of Pissants

Some people are, in fact, beneath you.