Tag: anger

Dark and Silent

A place to rest my head could do me some good.

Violent Thirst

What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

Ascribing Motives

The way things look in my head are not always quite right.

Empty Cordiality

Thank you, but I think I would rather be alone.

Emanating Anger

I want only to be at peace.

I Do Not Want It

Where do you go when you do not want to go anywhere?

Little Things, Giant Things

Size is subjective, so is pain.

As Many Did

It was another bloody night. Again we went, Sent off to fight. Some died, some survived. We never understood Who or why. I fought a man, as many did. He shot at me, I cornered him. He put his weapon on the ground, Put up his hands, Spoke clear and loud. "I'm just a man, ...

My Fucking Tantrum, Mine

Why couldn't you believe in me? Would it really have been that fuckin' hard? Why couldn't you just leave me be? Why did you even try so fuckin' hard? If you only meant to leave me? If you only meant to leave me?! This is all a bunch of bullshit! Fuck it! I don't even ...