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Such a little thing, from oh so long ago; How can you still be hung up on this?


I couldn't pay you to stay.


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

Fermented Love

Whether alcohol or kind souls, she cannot help but to abuse.

Could You Write Me a Song?

Write me a song, Just promise it's not about love. Yeah, write me a song About sadness or madness, Or drunken what-have-its Or drugs. Recall all the sad things; The inane little ramblings Of poems and songs You would write all day long And the tears. Oh, just eight months ago, When your life was ...

A Lesson Learned

We held each other closely in the night Staring into one another's eyes. I said to her; "I feel so close to you. I don't allow people this close to me." She asked me why. I told her, "I am afraid of being hurt. Everyone leaves." She held me tighter and told me It was ...

Unwanted Company

Unwanted company; Like flies between my ears. Their unrelenting buzzing That no one ever hears. Unwanted company; Stuck inside my head. Pestering and mocking me Set to go until I'm dead. Unwanted company; Buried deep inside my brain. Cruel wanton punishment, Negativity and pain. Unwanted company; A smiting from above, Callous in its mission To ...

Freeze Frame

The two men stood outside in the blistering cold. All around them, there was nothing. The only response that their eyes received from their immediate surroundings was the blaring white frequency of the icy glaze upon the ground. “I’m cold.” The first man spoke partially out of boredom, and partially to keep his mouth from ...

Empty Platitudes

You do not need to tell me How good things for me are, How 'good I have it' Or how bad it is afar. I know when I can't sleep, That my matters are a pea Underneath a Mattress One hundred or so deep. I am aware that tunnels Have a starting and an end ...