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Such a little thing, from oh so long ago; How can you still be hung up on this?


I couldn't pay you to stay.


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

Fermented Love

Whether alcohol or kind souls, she cannot help but to abuse.

Could You Write Me a Song?

Write me a song, Just promise it's not about love. Yeah, write me a song About sadness or madness, Or drunken what-have-its Or drugs. Recall all the sad things; The inane little ramblings Of poems and songs You would write all day long And the tears. Oh, just eight months ago, When your life was ...

A Lesson Learned

We held each other closely in the night Staring into one another's eyes. I said to her; "I feel so close to you. I don't allow people this close to me." She asked me why. I told her, "I am afraid of being hurt. Everyone leaves." She held me tighter and told me It was ...

Unwanted Company

Unwanted company; Like flies between my ears. Their unrelenting buzzing That no one ever hears. Unwanted company; Stuck inside my head. Pestering and mocking me Set to go until I'm dead. Unwanted company; Buried deep inside my brain. Cruel wanton punishment, Negativity and pain. Unwanted company; A smiting from above, Callous in its mission To ...