What Love Is

Love is not something you feel, Loving is something you do. Love is about gritting your teeth, And seeing the hard times through. Love is not easy or hard, Love is not passive or fate. Love does not confer a good time, And it can often feel like hate. Love is a product of labor.... Continue Reading →

Unwanted Company

Unwanted company; Like flies between my ears. Their unrelenting buzzing That no one ever hears. Unwanted company; Stuck inside my head. Pestering and mocking me Set to go until I'm dead. Unwanted company; Buried deep inside my brain. Cruel wanton punishment, Negativity and pain. Unwanted company; A smiting from above, Callous in its mission To... Continue Reading →

End Product

I worry not about the how and why, It is instead the what and when I seek. If to the manufacturing you peek, You may find the process feels so awry; So what? Who cares how the sun hits the sky? Would it have less beauty if it were meek in how it cast its... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever Hurt a Stranger?

Have you ever hurt a stranger, Knowing all too well you were? Did it keep you up at night? Did you stumble, did you stir? Have you ever ripped away From a stranger's clutch their pride? Did it bother you to know You wouldn't see their crying eyes? Have you ever wanted something, And decided... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Could Show You

I feel a deep resentment toward the implication that pointlessness is bad. Oftentimes I will find myself in some conversation or another about the meaning of life or the universe, and people will respond with disdain or discomfort toward my sincere belief that life and the universe are pointless and unfeeling. I do not think... Continue Reading →

How Small the World Becomes

The Earth, in a permanent cycle Of darkness and light, of rain, Of dryness and sunlight and wind, Of life, of joy and of pain, Is so inconceivably small And all so unworthy of seeing Any time that I look in her eyes, As she consumes my whole state of being. It is not that... Continue Reading →

Ashes in the Air

A matchbox that rests on a desk Is missing its old better half: A canteen with a deep shade of red In a safe house reeking of gas. In the darkness so eerie and stark, All alone in a quaint isolation, The night called for fires to start. The rebels made haste to the station.... Continue Reading →

Sunken Costs

The words on the walls tell me: To go on. And the voices that cast From the top of the mast say to Row on I follow a compass that leads from my heart I see how the waves here may tear me apart And I know. I know. The sound of the waves Keeps... Continue Reading →

Strategy Games

From an early age I have always loved strategy games; to face a challenge despite logistical complications. To try, and see what happens. There is something about seeing an opening, a moment of weakness, so temporary and seductive, and capturing it. It is so alluring, to find the best angle to attack, and the exact right... Continue Reading →

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