Behind the Yellow Line

Please take a number. This will take some time. Remain and do not wander. Wait behind the yellow line. The process is important. Comply or face a fine. Be patient, stay, and hope and Wait behind the yellow line. Listen closely for the ding. Look for your number on the sign. Of course, more than anything:... Continue Reading →

Scarborough Nights

When I lay in bed at night And at last can rest my eyes, I still can hear the humming, Of the TV Lounge’s lights. I still can feel the leather, And the pleasant scent of fries. And as I drift away, I still recall the Scarborough Nights. What a silly room it was, But... Continue Reading →

Once I’ve Gone Away

The problem with the best things we possess Is that they are so sure to rot and die. Although we may not want to say goodbye, It is a fact to which we acquiesce. The good times that we use to decompress Have limits with which we must just comply. They are so limited in... Continue Reading →

The Voices

They come to us at dusk, Just as surely as the moon, Ready to dismantle us With sickly twists of truth. "What a weak, pathetic thing you are, A sad and meager joke. Do you know that they are laughing As you struggle and you choke? How long 'til they abandon you, and tire of... Continue Reading →

Shoving Concrete

My friend said these words to me yesterday: "How long do you think you can keep this up?" I told him, "However is long enough." He laughed at me in a most loving way. We sat, we talked for the rest of the day. "At what point do you say it's just too tough?" I... Continue Reading →

No Reason Yet to Budge

I have not a single reason To be trusting of you yet. Which is not to make a statement either way. But I have felt the knife before, And I will not forget, The scars upon my back that shall remain. If you are borne of malice, How would I really know? And how stupid... Continue Reading →

What We Never Say

A common misconception I see people have today: 'What we want to tell the world, Is known through what we say." Alas, that is a farce. I know this to be true. Look instead for words unsaid And what they will not do. It is a simple thing To gaze into one's eyes, To lie... Continue Reading →


Good evening sir or madame, This notice is a warning. You have been evicted from this place At the noted date by morning. Your payment was not tendered And you are as such by law Required to be gone by when Your contract is withdrawn. This notice here is final And cannot be fought or... Continue Reading →

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