I have reflected, I have thought, About offenses you have wrought and the awful mess of feelings left behind. As I sat up, woken wide, with my thoughts throughout night, An anger woke within my inner light. Altruistic, kind and giving; Though I'm not so unforgiving, For all of this I'm un-forgiving you. You said... Continue Reading →

The Opinions of Pissants

The opinions of pissants are plastered about, putting up placards of pain and of doubt, But he- He purportedly places no stock in the words of the poorly improper and pestering birds whose passing emotions have pecked at his soul; plastered and wasted and out of control They run- They pursue the perfection of nothing... Continue Reading →

Breathing and Blooming

Breathing and blooming; Cutting and grooming, Pushing and pulling, Thinking and mulling. And simply killing time. Blooming and breathing; Laughing and seething, Debating and thinking, Eating and drinking. And slowly feeling fine. I have been breathing and blooming, I have smiled, no longer assuming That my world is over and done, That no more is... Continue Reading →

Green Switches

I still hark back to simpler times; A time the boys and I defined with Vespene Gas and Spider Mines, reddened eyes, and Ghosts. I remember veterans of Halo 3 would laugh at me for Battle Rifle noobery and using Plasma Swords. I recall the way that others claimed I wasted precious life. A nostalgia... Continue Reading →

The Old Winchester Line

I have driven the old Winchester Line. A road that you are lucky to avoid, the road wherein my heart had been destroyed. I keep driving the old Winchester Line. Each day, I drive the old Winchester Line. With each trip I have slipped into the void, to feel angry, or distressed, or annoyed. Always... Continue Reading →

Anything for Her.

For her, I would do anything. I would not hesitate to feel the frosty air punish me as I climbed Everest and shifted it to the East pebble by pebble. For her, I would do anything. I would instantly embark toward Atlantis without a compass or raft or socks, and search eternally for a myth.... Continue Reading →

A Man I Once Called Dad

Carmen, A man I once called "Dad" Of all the emotions you've provoked, The complex words that could be spoke, Somehow it always falls back To sad. Or angry. When I think back and reminisce To the important times and moments The defining traits, events, opponents One thing that they all just seem to miss... Continue Reading →

A Hibernation of the Heart

With snow on the horizon, The green upon the trees will dwindle. Tragic winter as its symbol, The heart goes still and quiet. The summer took its toll, And though the sun was warm and kind, The heart must keep in mind The deep, impending cold. The glucose of the shrubbery, That once was gnawed... Continue Reading →

The Girl with the Green Hat

'Never will I ever Allow myself to be So dimwitted and unclever As to love someone but me!' This I did repeat, Each and every time I've hurt. Relieving words to speak, But daft to think; absurd. Going through my new routine, Buried in my bitter woes, I recall this face that I had seen,... Continue Reading →

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