Dead Reverie

I awoke around midnight, (though I thought I did dream), to the vision of nothing but darkness extreme; as my eyes adjusted to survey the scene, I did see a hallway I greatly esteemed. I thought it a reverie, and as such acted brave, but the dark and dense air made my footsteps enslaved! What... Continue Reading →

Chicago Bluegrass

I had no real reason to move to Wolf's Campus County, but I had a wonderful reason to stay. Her name was Ella. In a town of backwater inbreeds bordering on retardation, she was a beacon of loveliness. For whatever reason, she took a quick liking to me: perhaps it was because I was the... Continue Reading →

Time Tables

This story is more of a writing project. I took a song I really enjoy, Time Tables, by The Menzingers, and expended it into a short story.  Enjoy! I took some liberties. I moved the setting from Pennsylvania to Maine and decked out some characters with some new details. It had been more than an... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Revolutionaries

1936 had been a good year for L'impero. The small café had erupted into a full restaurant overnight after years of dormancy. The quaint little establishment had sat in an unpronounced corner of Napoli since 1927. Today, the restaurant was full of hustle and bustle, attracting more than 300 people every day. The restaurant had... Continue Reading →

The Jaguar and the Butterfly

Set astray into the night, and proven strong in earthly might by the pelt upon his back, set to attack in godly right, a warrior set forward. A mighty beast set to go East did travel by the stars. Beauty, somewhere, sought by Romans opposite of Mars beckon arms away from home and call for... Continue Reading →

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