Category: Poetry

Rodent Mind

There is no solace here. Just rats.

Emo Never Dies

Can't fight it. Never could.

Unwelcome News

I did not ask.


Screams of pain, muted under screams of pleasure.

Hope and Excitement

You cannot lose that which you've never convinced yourself that you have.

Fermented Love

Whether alcohol or kind souls, she cannot help but to abuse.

The Cactus

The cactus seems the ideal lover; It asks so little, bears a lot. Adorable with colours, ripe with fruit though dry and hot. The cactus says to love it making promises divine, but those who choose to hug it get a face full of its spines. The cactus is not evil, this is merely what ...


This one is about you, at least.

Just East of Here

Most will live and die here, helpless in a hopeless place.