King Tut (Rap)

Lyrics: Let me tell you ‘bout a boy You’re about to know: flow so gold you’ll suppose his prose is a nose exposed to the woes of the common cold. But nothing's common of this Tutankhamen! No keeping calm and no sleeping on him, Come March, he’ll march you’ll be keeping on him-- The young... Continue Reading →

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish. I wish: I wish so much. I wish I did not feel this way. I wish I had her touch. I wish I was not stuck on the ending, in the past. I wish that I could take it back. I wish that it would last. I wish that... Continue Reading →

A Man of Mighty Rage

Seldom are the times wherein I have been described, talked about, or introduced, or ever been defined as a man of mighty rage; a man who may parade about and cast a doubt on whether he is sane. Yet I have come to find, in these recent days of mine, I tread about with red... Continue Reading →

Repeated Lessons

The classroom of love, a difficult place, where the lessons are often repeated. The teacher will stand, you will be seated, unheeded and bleeding, seeking your A's. Over and over, this unending race, with results that will make you feel cheated. You will fail a few times, be defeated, but you shall pass it one... Continue Reading →

Tired of the Feeling

I choke on my emotions. They are out of my control. Though I choose a tune of Jazz, I'm imbued by Rock and Roll. Why do I cry and feel this way while fine and in my prime? I am tired of this feeling, This emotion; boiled brine. If I could use my logic, To... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen hours: The amount of time it takes To travel from "I love you" To "I have to walk away." Thirteen hours: That number fills my head. What was full of life at noon Was gone, then. It was dead. Thirteen hours: Consistent with my fears. That's how long it takes one's love to simply... Continue Reading →


As I sit across from him, He sits inside his head. I cannot always reach him. Sometimes, he is dead. Sometimes, he is present. He will smile, he will talk. He will say his head is empty, but I know that it is not. To him he is consorted by another than myself. They talk... Continue Reading →

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