A Useful Idiot

A useful idiot Does not even know How useful he is, Does not even know How idiotic he is, Does not even know Until he is no longer useful. A useful idiot Does not even know He is being used; A useful idiot. A useful idiot Does not even know How useful he ever was.... Continue Reading →


The blade has given way To this quaint and duller pain Coursing through my veins; High octane gasoline. And I'll define myself. All the trinkets now thrown out. I thought, though now I doubt, They were about something serene. The fumes are in my eyes, And my head is full of lies. I should have... Continue Reading →

A Lesson Learned

We held each other closely in the night Staring into one another's eyes. I said to her; "I feel so close to you. I don't allow people this close to me." She asked my why. I told her, "I am afraid of being hurt. Everyone leaves." She held me tighter and told me It was... Continue Reading →

What You Deserve

To keep yourself alive And to keep your mind preserved, It may help you if you muse about The things that you deserve; Someone kind who listens. A heart that really cares. One who won't ignore you, Giving only deadened stares. You deserve someone who sees you For the gift you really are. They should... Continue Reading →

Master of Their Fate

Buried in his misery, as buried in his hood, he sat inside his vehicle, watching those two stood. He never looked directly, Just reflections on the hood. He could not be an audience of those who have it good. He lit another cigarette And brought it to his face; he twisted in a scowl at... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Boy and Beast

The twisted, gnarled beast inside his head Towered over a frightened little boy. Its eyes set there upon its newest toy. Unarmed, it knew the boy would soon be dead. But first it would have fun and mock his dread, No sense to kill him without farming joy from the fight so as not be... Continue Reading →

Some Advice

The ones you should be wary of Are the people that you trust. You can forget misdeeds from strangers, But from loved ones not so much. The ones who will stay long enough Are those who say they will not stay. Those ones will not shock you When they choose to walk away. If you... Continue Reading →

What it Means to Wait

Patience is a virtue, Is what I have been told. I can appreciate tomorrow, At my age plus one day old. To understand the present, I must wait 'til its the past. Until then I should focus On the present feelings cast. And as I sit here, idle, Waiting for tomorrow's gold, They say I'll... Continue Reading →

Winter Once More

Tell me now, my friend, Do you feel the cold again As the wintertime comes nearer to your home? And tell me, if you do, How you plan to see it through. Will you hunker down or choose a Southern roam? The problem with the winter, As it nips and as it hinders, Is that... Continue Reading →

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