I Wish I Could Show You

I feel a deep resentment toward the implication that pointlessness is bad. Oftentimes I will find myself in some conversation or another about the meaning of life or the universe, and people will respond with disdain or discomfort toward my sincere belief that life and the universe are pointless and unfeeling. I do not think... Continue Reading →

Dead Reverie

I awoke around midnight, (though I thought I did dream), to the vision of nothing but darkness extreme; as my eyes adjusted to survey the scene, I did see a hallway I greatly esteemed. I thought it a reverie, and as such acted brave, but the dark and dense air made my footsteps enslaved! What... Continue Reading →

In the Garden of Noshos

Nostrae Hospitium, or Noshos, is the fourth planet from the star Wanderer and is most notable for its native population of intelligent life, the Sapient Novae (commonly referred to as the mantis). The first sighting of Noshos was noted by the spacecraft Arial, dispatched for the Foreman Program in 2055. Though the Foreman Program was... Continue Reading →

Freeze Frame

The two men stood outside in the blistering cold. All around them, there was nothing. The only response that their eyes received from their immediate surroundings was the blaring white frequency of the icy glaze upon the ground. “I’m cold.” The first man spoke partially out of boredom, and partially to keep his mouth from... Continue Reading →

A Dream

I don't know what they were or where they come from. Far be it for an ordinary person like myself to be informed about earth-shattering disasters or invasions of any sort. I had never heard of the creatures or even seen one before the incident. I don't know what time it was, or what day... Continue Reading →

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