Starry Drive

The open road at night; an experience of its own.

One AM.
It’s just me and road;
Me and my experience
I’m here in this bliss
unspeakable state
on the interstate
or on the 401
going 104
with the need for more
asphalt between
my troubles and I
and the sky
is confined
to a darkness that is infinite:
the vast madness that is space,
and I watch it fly by
as I cruise and enjoy the view.
I might as well enjoy my tunes
and drive.

We’re all gonna die,
but we get to live
and I don’t know what this is
but I like it

and I would like to strike it
from the record if I ever forget
the feelings that I’m feeling
and the feeling that those feelings beget.

The stars look on
but I’m far and gone.

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