First Love, Second Amendment

Shall not be infringed.

They won’t take you away
There is nothing I can say
to convey
The passion with an adequate strength

They will have to rip you
from my cold dead hands
as I make a stand
upon my property
I’m not going
to let them win

I’m never going to register
I’m always going to fight
Never will they tread on me
I know that I am right

With my Bible in the one hand
and my baby in the other
I can smother
any Leninist state
that they might try to create

This is the stars and stripes
and hey
maybe you might
light up a school
full of kids
but this my right
It’s simple and since
it shall not be infringed
every child can die

It doesn’t really matter
if you’re sad
or if you’re mad
It doesn’t move me

If you’re frightened
bring your gun
to movies

This is what it means to be free

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