Dasvidania (Rap Song)

A quick rap about George, the Legend himself.


Aw shit
It’s the legend himself
The Gazelle
The man with the plan
Capable of anything

If you’re ready bring
Your A game
Because ain’t nothing gonna stay same
As the day before you met ‘im
You can get ‘im
Riled up and he’ll tell ya
He’s a veteran dude
He’s better than you
at League at Legends
at climbing roofs
and at macking on your girl, too

And it’s true
you don’t even compare
When he’s talkin’ to his papa
He might give you a scare
But there
Ain’t nothing what to worry
He is only speaking Russian
If you want him better hurry

There’s a lineup
of fine huns
Tryna get a turn
Don’t get too close
or ya might get burned
In turn
He’ll tell ya до свидания
Hope I didn’t get any on ya

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