The Noots (Rap Song)

Da boiz; rappin’ em up.


Got to give it up
for my boys
It’s the Noots
Are you ready for the feeling of the chill
as it comes up?
Are you hittin up the bois
when the invite comes?
We playing HotS
With the indie-music cruising boy
He’s not
gonna give up unless you give a lot
‘Cause otherwise he’s chilling on the couch.
cuddling a kitty,
with a J in his mouth.
Or you’ll find em in back

of a Turtle Jacks,

(Tossing salad)
Or maybe on a mountain
rippin’ up the snowy bluffs;
You can mosey out to Oakville
but you’ll never get enough
of the Chris Boi
this boi
Rips it up in Double Dash
He’s making all the fat stax,
and he’ll pass that,
All that you gotta do is ask
Unless you want some water
then he’ll tell ya to kiss his ass,
but that’s
a whole other issue
This is for you Chris:
I gotta tell you that I miss you!

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