not subject to any conditions.
“unconditional surrender”

My love is unconditional.
That’s the word I used.
That’s the way that I describe
compulsive love for you.

There is no escape,
at least that I can find.
There is no loophole in this love
or term does not bind.

These are all conditions:
If you love or treat me right,
If you look at me and lie to me,
or leave and take my light,

If you condescend or shut me out,
or treat me like I’m dumb,
If you pity me or whittle me
down and make me numb,

If you lay beside another
and reside inside his home,
If you stand me up or leave abrupt,
or gaze at me as stone,

If you promise me a future,
that you never did intend,
If you tell me that you love me,
If you say I’m just a friend,

If you rush me off the phone
when I call you drunken, crying,
If you really meant you loved me,
or were faking it or lying,

If you peddle an apology
but say you’ve no regrets,
If you never want to speak again,
If all is done and said.

None of this will stop me
on my foolhardy mission.
The fact is that I love you
without even one condition.

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