Month: February 2018

Blind Waste

I do not want to start from the bottom again.


Ringing everywhere.


Loving you wasn't something I did; it was something that happened to me.

A Long, Long Time

I'm sure that she meant it at the time.

King’s College Circle

The memories, both of cheering and the nodding off which followed.

The Onlooker

Are you just going to watch?


Dasvidania (Rap Song)

A quick rap about George, the Legend himself.

Too Young to Die

Why do you want me to be like the others? The railroaded families, fathers and mothers? I cannot explain just how scary it is to think of a life of work and then kids. Yet we are herded and set for that life, whether by guidance, by gun, or by knife.


The Noots (Rap Song)

Da boiz; rappin' em up.