Jar of Pens

Literally just a poem about some pens.

This here is a poem
all about my jar of pens.
Most of them are black,
but if I need another then
I search through all the colours
I’ve collected over time;
the colours range from purple
to the oddly-useful lime.

Now you may be thinking:
What a silly thing to write!
You jar of pens is meaningless!
And frankly, you’d be right.
The reason that I write this stuff
is ’cause I told myself
I’m repeating all my feelings;
I must write of something else.

And so that brings us back to here,
This jar of coloured pens.
I lug it out to work with me
and bring it home again.
This little jar upon my desk
is such a useful thing to me!
It holds all of my silly pens
be they purple or they green!

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