A Note to the Others (and my Future Self)

You can do this. I can do this.

Look into the mirror, and see yourself. Tell yourself that this person is not a loser. This person is not helpless or hopeless. This person deserves the respect not only of those around them but of themselves. Emotions, especially present emotions, are a mere part of one’s self. If they are not working properly–if they are not matching the reality of the situation–then that is no excuse to throw out the whole situation. It is, unfortunately, a burden that must be dealt with. It would be a lot easier to procrastinate the need to pull yourself out of whatever hole it is that you are in today, but if you do not do that then you will remain in that hole until you rot and die.

And sure, you’re going to die either way, but why would you wait to die in that hole? You hate it in there.

You don’t have to succeed at pulling yourself out of that hole today, but you do have to start working toward a solution immediately. At the first, most minor moment of clarity and positivity, you must immediately work for as long as you can and as hard as you can to dig your way out of that hole. And you will likely, then, fall back into the hole. It will feel like you lost all of your progress.

Keyword: feel. You did not lose that progress. You never lose the progress, because part of that progress was to show you that progress was even possible in the first place.

You can climb out of that hole. With enough effort, you will climb out of that hole.

You may not be able to do it today. You may not want to be able to do it today. But, you are able and you want to do it; just maybe not today.

That person in the mirror is going to survive this.

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