Poisoned Rings

The heart and the wallet: we are strangely eager to unite them.

Break the fake old smile out;
Cast no doubt about it, shout
“Congrats my friend!”
Oh, this again,
as she brings out the ring.

So happy you’ve entrapped yourself!
I mention with a grin
how great you are together,
but I know you will not weather,
what with wearing poisoned rings.

A day will come where they betray,
For lust will fade; emotions change.
Statistic truth, a simple fact:
You now are screwed for this contract
is legal, sworn to fealty with a ring.

Look: I do believe that love is real;
That bells will peal to zeal we feel,
But even at my most secure,
When I held her, happy, I was sure:
You will regret your wretched ring.

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