Breach of Contract

When did we agree to be human?

I object to my humanity.
I did not agree
to these terms or to these clauses,
nor the liabilities
that, aforementioned, bind to me
conditions of a man.
I had no say, I did not sign;
I do not understand
how they see these obligations fair:
the instincts that I have,
the need to groom my hair,
these emotions good or bad,
the fact I have to eat,
to regulate my sleep,
to fall in love, to make enough
to stay upon my feet.

I did not agree to this
and must as such object.
You cannot make me human,
it is a premise I reject.
It follows then, to me at least,
that I am not obliged
to live, or feel, or eat, or sleep,
or do my mortal time.
This life bestowed upon me
contrary to my will,
is mine to take when I so please,
my animal to kill.
So heed here my objections,
for to be a man is woe.
Though I choose to follow now,
I reserve the right to go.

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