A Man I Once Called Dad

A man I once called “Dad”
Of all the emotions you’ve provoked,
The complex words that could be spoke,
Somehow it always falls back
To sad.

Or angry.
When I think back and reminisce
To the important times and moments
The defining traits, events, opponents
One thing that they all just seem to miss
Is you.

It’s funny.
The little lessons that you gave
When I was just a little kid
Have all turned out to be so big
For me to know how to behave
And thrive.

And yet,
There is not even one example,
Wherein my successes have defined me
And wherein you also stood behind me
Where you support was full or ample,
Or there.

A list;
I can drive a car myself,
I threw my hat into the air,
I learned the risks of love and care,
And am building my own wealth,
And life.

Where the fuck were you?
Was it worth it, like at all?
In this home you’re seen as small,
Though not forgotten, it is true.
Moving on.

Moving on.
That’s what this is all about.
Whether it’s a person in your life,
Or a moment dark and marked by strife
You cannot go on without
Moving on.

May you not find calm or way to grip this.
I think of you sometimes, it’s true.
But I think I’m better off, I do.
So let me just submit this:

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