Month: December 2017

Visual Poetry (December 2017)

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Doing Nothing Wrong

I would rather be criticized than lied to.

Her Short-Lived Presence

Short-lived moments can also be the most long-lived.

Mine Alone

Be very careful with what you entrust to others.

Dystopian Departures

What does it mean to be a monster?

Reassuring Friends

Friends stand by you, but they are not the only ones who do.

The “Ex” Box

Compartmentalization; if only it were so easy.


King Tut (Rap)

A spoken-word piece about itself! This one's experimental.

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish. I wish: I wish so much. I wish I did not feel this way. I wish I had her touch. I wish I was not stuck on the ending, in the past. I wish that I could take it back. I wish that it would last. I wish that ...