Time and Scale

When I was a child,
Things around me felt so big.
I recall I saw an airplane,
A huge, colossal thing!
But then as an adult,
When I returned to YYZ,
That plane seemed so much smaller
But what changed in size was me.

And yet with giants all around,
Looming over me and great,
I found that I slept soundly,
I felt secure, and I felt safe.
Now the world is smaller;
Insignificant in scale.
The cosmos make me terrified,
I’m vulnerable and frail.

As I grew up and I grew,
The world around me shrank.
The way that I could see the world
Was broader, but more rank.
Funny, that. But I would guess
That what makes feel afraid
Is knowing I am shrinking, too,
With every passing day.

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