What You Deserve

To keep yourself alive
And to keep your mind preserved,
It may help you if you muse about
The things that you deserve;
Someone kind who listens.
A heart that really cares.
One who won’t ignore you,
Giving only deadened stares.

You deserve someone who sees you
For the gift you really are.
They should not defect, abandon you,
When staying would be hard.
They should see the wonder
In you that you seen in them,
They should grip you tight and hold you,
As they would a precious gem.

Let no one’s eyes glaze over
When you tell them what you think.
Let not yourself be cast aside,
Like garbage in a sink.
You are truly worthy
Of a heart that loves you whole.
To be loved, yes, but respected
Should be your final goal.

There will be ones who come to you,
And fill you full of lies.
They will tell you that you’re everything,
Looking in your eyes.
They will strum your heartstrings,
As they would a cheap guitar;
Make you foster thoughts of futures,
That will never get you far.

Those people only see you as
A means to their own end.
A scary truth is you cannot
Discern them from your friends.
But once you serve your purpose,
And their selfish fields are ploughed,
Your tears, to them, go silent
And their silence, to you, loud.

It is easy to be bitter
After you have been disposed,
But other gates are open,
Even if that one is closed.
The important gate, the shiny one,
Where respect is not in lieu,
Is the gate where you should focus.
It’s the gate that leads to you.

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