Some Advice

The ones you should be wary of
Are the people that you trust.
You can forget misdeeds from strangers,
But from loved ones not so much.

The ones who will stay long enough
Are those who say they will not stay.
Those ones will not shock you
When they choose to walk away.

If you want to guard your feelings,
Tell nobody how you feel.
Words are only moving air,
Not tangible or real.

Unless presupposing failure,
Let no person have your back.
For your back is where they’ll get you
When they turn and then attack.

There is no cost for vigilance,
But plenty cost for faith.
Emptiness is self-produced,
Attachment they can take.

Hoard yourself and do not give
A single inch of ground.
When you do then you are not surprised
When no one is around.

There is just one single person
Really looking out for you
And if you make that person someone else
You have made yourself a fool.

You may expect some twist here
Saying “Riskiness is wealth”,
But I speak from my experience.
Go test it for yourself.

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