What We Never Say

A common misconception
I see people have today:
‘What we want to tell the world,
Is known through what we say.”
Alas, that is a farce.
I know this to be true.
Look instead for words unsaid
And what they will not do.

It is a simple thing
To gaze into one’s eyes,
To lie to them and hide yourself
Beneath a bold disguise.
Yet it is not easy
To confront one’s own unease.
Thoughts restrained by mental locks,
And words we dare not speak.

Ask yourself a question
If you want to figure out
What the one who sits across from you
Is pondering about.
Is there something here unspoken?
Is there something here not done?
Are they reticent with every gent,
Or are you the only one?

  1. Because many times words are best unsaid especially if it will just hurt another human heart…



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