Cannot Help but Wonder

Oftentimes I stop and think
Of how simple life could be,
If I could reduce all my dimensions
To a singularity.

Imagine, if you will,
A world of tranquil peace
Wherein friends, success, and money,
Can be done without with ease.

Picture what a life is like
With no need to achieve.
Where reality is just composed
Of one dimension and reprieve.

If I could escape the facets
That make my life a constant chore,
I would need not be unhappy,
Or lament the times before.

These things, they sound so tempting,
Yet I’m told they’d do me harm.
I still cannot help but wonder
About needles in my arms.

Would a life of tragedy,
Set a more viable pace?
If I could reduce the things I care about,
Would there be fewer things to hate?

Would it honestly be any worse
To eke out life beneath the rugs?
Imagine: Just one single thing.
No worries. Only drugs.

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