Thank You

I suppose that I should thank you,
‘Cause you never really did believe.
For seeing me like all the rest,
And for your sudden choice to leave.

Thank you, that I wasn’t good enough,
Thank you, that I did poorly.
Thank you for your narcissism
And being otherworldly.

Thank you, in a bitter way,
But a way that’s also true.
Thank you for helping me see me,
By helping me see you.

Thank you for a year
Drowned in bitter doubt,
Thank you for the threats you made,
Against me and yourself.

Thank you for the darkness,
That you kept me in til t’was
Too late to fix our problems,
If they even caused you fuss.

Thank you for your stone face,
As I cried and held you close.
Thank you for accusing me,
Just to bring me pain morose.

Thank you for the unbelief,
When I tried to make it right.
Thank you for forgiving me,
And then your sudden flight.

Thank you for ignoring me,
When I needed you the most.
Thank you for destroying
My trust to bring one close.

But aside from all these words,
Seething, scathing, that I say,
I do have some real gratitude,
That I must send your way.

Thank you, if by accident,
For showing me my ways.
I did not make you feel beautiful,
And as such, the price I paid.

Thank you, though you meant it not,
For helping me reflect,
On the fact I failed to listen,
Or always treat you with respect.

Thank you, though you’re gone away,
For mending me to care.
Because you hurt me I can see,
I wasn’t always there.

Thank you for the good times,
Thank you for the bad.
Thank you, really, thank you
For the short time that we had.

And though I still feel anger,
From expired memories so old,
I do hope that you’re doing well,
That you got your soughten gold.

I suppose it is a shame that we
Were never much the same,
That I believed you like a fool
And that we played it like a game.

I may never hear your voice again,
Which may be good, I do suppose,
But thank you for the hard-knock lessons,
For the poetry and prose.

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