Landmines and Lightning

There is a force here in the air,
Dormant and unspoken.
Discharge borne of silent words,
Rendering me open.
At the behest of nature’s forces,
I feel powerless and weak.
In the wake of littered land by men,
I cannot step forward, cannot speak.

For the sand upon my heels,
Burning deeply at my ankles
Is nothing to the fate I’d find
If I approach at faulty angles.
Explosives hidden in the dirt,
Would rend me deep, dismember me
Leave me bloody, dying, hurt,
Where no one would remember me.

Yet those vile beasts of war,
Weapons violent and cloaked,
Are puny both in size and force
To nature’s hand upon my throat.
The electricity inside of me,
In this body weak and hollow,
Charges up to rend me worse
If I cannot keep up or follow.

The energy within me,
When I stand still or stand too close,
May simply be a forgery,
Yet t’is what I fear the most.
The painful pings and buzzing rings
As it arcs from me to you
Hurt me so and and mock me while
I choose what I should do.

These forces will not let me be,
Be they mortal or divine.
They spit and jest and laugh at me,
For I am running out of time.
If I try to step to them,
To make the laughter cease,
Then the traps laid out by other men
Will destroy me piece by piece.
But if I instead ignore them,
Well then that is no life at all.
The static then would simply build
until it stopped my heart.

  1. Loved this so emotional

    Liked by 1 person


  2. This is great. I read it out loud and I can tell it’s emotional



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